Chrome OS file manager

Chrome OS has got a hidden file manager which I accidentally discovered. The file manager (titled File Shelf) Press CTRL+M lets you access files like windows explorer. USB files are also accessible. However, this feature is not polished yet. I was unable to move files between folders.

One feature I would really like is ability to zip/unzip files.

Cr-48 Chrome Notebook Review

I got the cr-48 Google Chrome OS notebook on Monday, two weeks after I saw the 'Test drive a cr-48’ notice in Chrome.

tl;dr review: The Cr-48 is great for web apps. Slick. Flash, JavaScript render really fast. Boots up in < 3s. Wakes up in an instant. Very light-weight.


The web seems snappier on my notebook. JavaScript and Flash render faster than on my laptop (which has a 2GHz 64-bit processor and 3GB RAM). The cr-48 notebook plays HD YouTube videos really well. HD videos do not break up like they do on my laptop sometimes.

Battery life

The battery lasts for over 8 hours of usage. I play YouTube videos, songs etc and still the battery lasts for at least 8 hours at a time. The battery does not lose much power on standby. I use it for 2 days without charging 4 hours per day.


The chrome notebook just has a browser and a terminal in normal mode. So the notebook is intended for usage of web-apps only. There are some chrome notebook specific web apps in the chrome web store like G-Talk. You can not install any other applications. But it’s alright. Most of the apps I use are ...

Using Bloggart

I changed the back-end of this site from Bloog to Bloggart. Bloggart is easier to customize than Bloog. Also the editor for Bloog lacked basics like support for markup languages and the ability to save a post as draft.

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